It’s been a rough week for Calgary, especially 4th Street. Thanks to all early responders, the City of Calgary, our great mayor, and especially the residents of Mission and Cliff Bungalow who continue to work together through this tough challenge.

Things are a long way from normal, but we have power and did not receive any direct damage from the flood. 4th Street is still a mess and we are digging countless residents from the mud in addition to trying to get the Stampede ready.


Tea Factory Office


Tea Factory is officially ready to serve you again as of July 2nd.

Hang in there, Calgary, and continue your great record of helping anywhere and any way you can. This is surely not the way we expected things to go in only our tenth week of business, but every Calgarian can tell you there is no quit in our game.

Let’s get out there and kick it to the next level. Have a safe long weekend everyone.